The Communicable Disease Center (CDC) is a 65-bed, single inpatient room specialist tertiary center with outpatient services, that aims to support and treat patients with a spectrum of communicable diseases. It has been purpose-built with the mission to detect, treat and prevent infectious diseases in Qatar, particularly those of public health importance. Our highly specialized team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals at the Center provide consultations and treatments for patients who have infections that are often beyond the scope of primary and other secondary care services. This is in addition to providing preventative services through the Travel Clinic and Contact Screening Program. Clinical practice is evidence-based and provided in a safe, confidential and scientifically advanced environment and all appointments are referral based.
The CDC has replaced the Communicable Diseases Unit, a clinical affiliate of Rumailah Hospital. This unit was accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and specialized in tuberculosis (TB) and other infectious disease management; through strict adherence to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Patients who were previously treated in the Unit in Rumailah Hospital will now be treated in the CDC.

The role of the CDC is not just to provide treatment and care but to work with the Ministry of Public Health and other stakeholders to reduce the impact of communicable diseases on the population. The Center aims to promote awareness and education with the goal of preventing and combatting various infectious diseases at the national level.
The CDC is a center of innovation where HMC conducts infectious disease research and where statistics related to infections are collected and analyzed. In addition, it is considered a teaching center where young doctors, nurses and medical students learn how to diagnose and manage infectious diseases.